2023年にハリウッドで開催された「HOLYWOOD FRINGE」にて公演された舞台「THE GUARDIANS OF WONDER」のオープニングテーマ曲。





We are pleased to announce the release dates for the two final songs, “YAKUSOKU” and “KA-NA-TA,” from Storytellings Episode.1 on various music platforms and YouTube lyric videos.

Opening song for the 6th stage performance of Janome Project “Sakuraba ~Roku no Yakusoku~”, which was performed in 2022.
A song with the theme of passionate friendship, risking one’s life for one’s friends.

・Premiere on YouTube: December 2nd (Saturday) at 8:00 PM

Opening theme song for the stage played “THE GUARDIANS OF WONDER” performed at “HOLYWOOD FRINGE” held in Hollywood in 2023.

A story where the main character is reincarnated in another world and discovers his true hidden strength.
・Premiere on YouTube: December 3rd (Sunday) at 8:00 PM


・Available on music streaming services: Starting December 4th (Monday)

These are the final release songs of “Episode.1,” featuring vocalist “kui.” We hope they reach many of you. Please enjoy!